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our story

Welcome To Sweet India

"Sweet India" , the abode of famous sweets and savouries from all parts of India was conceived in the year 1971,in a culture seeped town , in Vizianagram. Mr.Ramavtar Joshi, the iconic Marwari businessman from Kolkata envisioned this brand and his young and hardworking son ,Mr.Anil Joshi, became the front liner, heading a battery of personally chosen chefs, specialising in North Indian sweets and savouries. The store with its tagline "purity in every bite" became synonymous with the quality and the variety of the namkeens and sweets in this coastal region.

The local market got a taste of all the authentic sweets,which were freshly made in batches to cater to this town. He was a pioneer , and his zealous hard-work and his 7 days a week sweet shop became so renowned that he , eventually , bought a bigger store close to the station road, This branch introduced the Chat Junction to get the spice in the sweet department.The chat section was introduced to bring in a fresh and eclectic palate for the public. Sweet India , is synomous with Vizianagaram and the brand successfully runs four main stores in the town.The store got its first branch in Siripuram, Vishakhpatnam bringing the hot jalebis and mouthwatering samosas to the beach town . The success of this store paved way to our first Bakery Section in 2015 at Dabagarden Branch. Since it’s inception , the eggless bakery section is providing cakes, biscuits and breads to all the branches of Sweet India. Sweet India, synonymous with growth opened its biggest store at Ramnagar in the year 2021. It houses our new age bakery products , the best of fusion Mithais and a sumptuous spread of dishes .

In an age of machine made namkeens and sweets with added preservatives we at Sweet India,believe in freshly produced, hand made quality products, our ingredients are pure and the love with which every batch of sweets and namkeen is made is unmatched.